Placement Student Awards

2018 finalists

Mollie Drew - British Army

BA English and Sports Science

Mollie joined the Health and Wellbeing Team at Army Headquarters, Andover.

Adapting quickly to the military environment, she made significant contributions to a range of initiatives.

Among her many achievements was the facilitation of a framework day around mental health resilience, and the subsequent writing of a baseline paper which has helped to inform a review of policy and strategy.

She was also involved in the development of training materials for an alcohol awareness campaign, piloted in March 2017, and assisted with the production of Drinkaware support materials.

At the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Mollie worked with the Women in Ground Close Combat Team contributing to a study around female endocrinology during arduous training.

Mollie’s energy, ability and commitment impressed her superiors who say that her work will have lasting impact on wellbeing practice in the armed forces.