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27 Jul 2016

The Student Wordsmith launches first non-fiction publication

Great news for all lovers of the written word: The Student Wordsmith will shortly launch their first pamphlet of non-fiction, entitled The Growing Unease!

The Student Wordsmith is an award-winning creative writing and publishing platform specifically aimed at a student and graduate audience. Founded by Sophie-Louise Hyde, who now runs the venture with Jennifer Nicol (both are Loughborough University English PhD students) it has published numerous collections of poetry and fiction on a wide range of topics.

This new pamphlet features articles on the roles and representation of social media, beauty ideals, religion and celebrity and their effect on notions of modern individuality. Among the authors are award-winning writer Walker Zupp and pamphlet editor Gita Sarasia. The articles are enhanced by colour artwork by Spanish avant-garde artist Daniel de Culla.


  • 'Shia LaBeouf in Love' by Walker Zupp
  • 'On Beauty (Whatever That Means)' by Judy Leigh
  • 'Beauty in the Modern Age - Is it Something to Aspire to?' by Eliott Perry
  • 'Church vs. State' by Rajinder Rao
  • 'Reblogging a New Generation' by Lerah Mae Barcenilla
  • 'Bread and Circuses' by Rajinder Rao
  • 'Social Media: The Age of Loneliness' by Gita Sarasia

The Growing Unease will be available as a download from 1 August and in print (limited run) from 15 August - simply visit The Student Wordsmith's webstore to get your hands on a copy of what is sure to be a fun and thought-provoking read! You can also stay up to date with The Growing Unease and The Student Wordsmith's other activities by following them on Facebook and Twitter.