Banners and email graphics

Web banners

We have created a selection of different sized banners for all winners and finalists to download to their websites.

Email icons

We have created special icons for winners and finalists to add to their email signatures. Simply select the appropriate icon and follow the instructions below (using Outlook 2010).

 Adding email signatures

  1. In Outlook 2010, select the File tab and then the Options entry. Click the Mail option on the left-hand side. Click the Signatures button.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Enter a name for your signature, e.g. Enterprise Awards logo, and click OK.
  4. Add your personal signature information into the 'Edit Signature' box.
  5. Click the Picture icon (second from the right).
  6. In Picture Source type:


  7. Click Insert to be taken back to the 'Signatures and stationery' window.
  8. Once you are happy with your signature, under 'Choose default signature', select your new signature in the New messages drop down menu in order to automatically add the signature when you create a new message.
  9. Click OK then OK to return to Outlook.