Finalists - 2017

This year's finalists span a range of industries - including fashion and beauty, sport and leisure, food and drink... Browse their profiles to find out more.

Photograph of Doopa creator, Alex Nash Doopa Alex Nash WinnerSecond Prize

Doopa is a mobile platform that connects those looking for domiciliary care with local carers.

Part of the Alcuris product range, it saves families money, pays carers more and provides consistency of care.

As the UK demographic ages, more people need care for longer. This places many families in a difficult financial position as they struggle to provide the best possible care for their elderly loved ones.

The platform offers reviews of individual carers, allowing families to make informed decisions. It also provides a visit booking system, a log of care session activity, and an efficient way to manage payment.

Alcuris is an award-winning healthcare technology start-up.

Photograph of Fruutea founders, Joel Gujral and Miles Leake
Fruutea Joel Gujral With Miles Leake

Fruutea specialises in premium teas, spanning traditional and bespoke blends.

Working with industry experts, Fruutea has created two product ranges – Create Your Own and House Blends.

The house blends include a selection of green, black and white teas as well as fruit and herbal tisanes.

Fruutea’s unique proposition to the UK market is its Create Your Own range. Customers select their base tea – black, green or white – and then choose a combination of fruits to blend their own flavour – with the potential to create hundreds of varieties.

With sales of fruit and herbal teas growing*, Fruutea’s unique online bespoke blending service will satisfy the increasing need for exciting new varieties.

* Between 2012-2014, sales of green tea increased by 50% whilst
fruit and herbal tea sales grew by 31% (Mintel, 2016).

Photograph of Halo founder, Rob Paterson Halo Rob Paterson WinnerFirst Prize

Halo is an affordable concussion and performance tracking sensor.

Its primary market is rugby – a sport that has eight million players worldwide – but, once established, it will be rolled out to other sports.

Worn on the head, Halo detects signs of concussion, ensuring that players receive appropriate and timely medical treatment.

Following development with private school and professional teams, Halo will then be available to grass roots clubs.

Interest in the product has been phenomenal with organisations keen to take part in product trials.

Halo will provide an affordable alternative to current tracking products – putting player safety and welfare within reach of professional and amateur teams alike.

As well as First Prize, Rob also received the Incrementa Business Support Award and the Potter Clarkson IP Development Award.

Photograph of the Itua Masih founders, Itua Etiobhio and Selina Masih
Itua Masih Itua Etiobhio With Selina Masih

Itua Masih is a streetwear brand, drawing its inspiration from African and South Asian fabrics and culture.

The current Itua Masih product range includes jeans, T-shirts, hoodies and jackets for young men who want to individualise their urban style.

The company uses a combination of western styling with traditional designs and ancient proverbs to create inspiring, but relaxed stand-out garments.

Trading via an onlinestore, the company will have Fairtrade partnerships with fabric suppliers in West Africa and India.

Photograph of Ladan founder, Robert Whittaker Lådan Robert Whittaker

Lådan – Swedish for “the box” – is an online lifestyle clothing store and creative community.

Lådan’s Store – home to independent lifestyle clothing names – identifies and supports the best emerging brands in the UK.

Lådan’s Creative Community enables talented individuals worldwide to create and sell high-quality fashion garments and accessories.

This allows designers to sell their products without ever needing to produce, hold or ship stock themselves. They simply upload their designs, share their products and Lådan does the rest.

By removing the barriers and financial risks involved, Lådan empowers millions of creatives to launch and monetise their products worldwide.

Photograph of Littlebrowns founder, Walusungu Chisenga Littlebrowns Walusungu Chisenga WinnerIncrementa Award

Littlebrowns is a graphic history series with a particular focus on people of African descent, and women of all ethnicities.

Spanning precolonial Africa and the cultural influence of the African diaspora, the beautifully illustrated series celebrates the unacknowledged individuals who established and created a range of institutions and inventions that shape our lives.

Readers’ preconceptions will be challenged as the individuals who formed – and transformed – diverse cultures, traditions and institutions come to life.

Photograph of Noeline Elizabeth founder, Priscilla Mukiibi Noeline Elizabeth Priscilla Mukiibi

Noeline Elizabeth is a philanthropic fashion label.

It produces high-quality made-to-measure women’s evening wear whilst providing young people in Uganda the opportunity to train as fashion apprentices.

Clients will enjoy a professional, friendly and personal online service as they finalise the design of their beautifully fashioned garments, knowing that a percentage of profits will be invested in the Noeline Elizabeth apprenticeship scheme.

As more people reject unethical fast fashion, Noeline Elizabeth leads the way in affordable, sustainable attire that supports worker well-being and changes lives.

Photograph of Tiger Time founder, Johnny Cartucho Tiger Time Johnny Cartucho

Tiger Time is a new iPhone app aimed at professionals and students who want to make more of their time.

Life can be a chaotic rush of deadlines and responsibilities. Traditional task management approaches can generate long, discouraging lists that never seem to get sorted out.

Tiger Time incorporates the methodologies behind the leading productivity techniques used by industry leaders like Bill Gates and Elon Musk. This makes them easy to use without the need to conduct the daunting background research.

By using the app, individuals gain greater control over their productivity – gaining time in the areas of life that matter the most.

Photograph of TUICE founders, Sam Lane and Jerelle Okoro TUICE Sam Lane With Jerelle Okoro WinnerThird Prize

TUICE has created a green tea extract juice drink ideal for the health-conscious consumer.

Green tea offers a wide range of health benefits, but TUICE realised that its bitter taste puts many people off.

Wanting to shift this mindset, TUICE developed a great tasting soft drink with all the health properties of green tea – making this pleasure guilt-free.

TUICE offers two tempting flavours – Apple, Honey and Chocolate; and Pear, Lychee and Lavender.

At only five calories and with no added sugar or preservatives, but packed with raw green tea extract, TUICE is the perfect way to support a healthy lifestyle.

TUICE – green tea that tastes amazing.

Photograph of Vin founder, Christina Akintoye VinSkin Eczepure Serum Christina Akintoye

The name, Vin, comprises the three values that underpin the company’s ethos – Virtue, Integrity, Nobility.

Vin strives to enhance emotional and physical well-being by providing natural skincare products proven to enhance skin health.

Vin products are specifically designed for sensitive skin, and are ideal for people who suffer with conditions like eczema.

Photograph of Vox Pop Branding founder, Urina Harrell Vox Pop Branding Urina Harrell

Vox Pop Branding helps small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to establish and grow their brands.

Crucially, Vox Pop offers sophisticated marketing strategies and tools normally outside the budget of these organisations so that they can afford to increase their market share and flourish.

As well as traditional marketing collateral, Vox Pop designs and builds mobile applications and offers its clients bespoke consumer intelligence reports so that campaigns can be accurately targeted.

Clients pay a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time to match their cash flow.

Vox Pop brings a touch of humanity to the world of business by providing cutting-edge marketing strategies for small business budgets.