ExDtectAutomated, real-time detection of explosive residue

The challenge

Passengers placing their belongings into boxes to be scanned at airport security

The need for an imaging technique that automatically alerts us to explosive traces remains a major counterterrorism challenge.

Optical imaging offers powerful capabilities, but until now, it has not been possible to deliver a solution without risk to health.

ExDtect: Automatic, real-time, laser detection of explosive residue

  • Effective on people, clothing, luggage, vehicles and cargo
  • 100% coverage of every subject, up to 5 metres away
  • Automatically pinpoints location without security operator
  • Operates with laser safety standards (ANSI Z136 and IEC 60825)
  • False positive alarm rate less than 1%
  • System can be updated to counter emerging threats
  • Available for use in both portable and fixed installations
  • Stand-alone use, or in conjunction with other security systems
  • Modular system can be built to customer specification

How ExDtect compares to other existing technologies

image scanners
Sniffer dogsX-Ray
Machines / Metal
(no operator)
Yes No No No No
Real-time Yes Yes Yes Yes No
exact location
Yes Yes Yes No No
Operates at
a distance
Yes No No No No
Every subject Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
100% coverage Yes Yes Yes Yes No
organic matter
Yes Yes Yes No Yes
No passenger
Yes No No No No
System updates
for new explosives
Yes Yes No No No
Visual deterrent Yes Yes No Yes No