Enterprise Awards2017

Student placement

Beth Walker-Smith - Pirelli Burton

Category winner

Photograph of Student Placement finalist, Beth Walker-Smith

Beth Walker-Smith’s (Materials Engineering with Design, 2017) one-year placement was a first within the industrial department at Pirelli Burton.

Working in the area of Industrial Efficiency, Beth achieved excellent feedback from the Departmental Manager.

Collecting and analysing production data to determine inefficiencies, Beth identified the first-off procedure – the quality testing of early batches at the start of a production run – as an expensive hold-up.

She recommended a cost-effective solution – the purchase of new testing equipment to be implemented as part of the production line – an innovation that would actually introduce significant cost savings.

Having determined these efficiencies, Beth presented her recommendations to a panel of Pirelli UK directors.

Beth contributed to a number of additional assignments, and was a confident and professional ambassador for the company at various events.

She impressed her employers so much; they named her the Pirelli UK Placement Student of the Year.