Enterprise Awards2017

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We are developing innovative technologies from our world-class research base to meet global challenges

ACCT - reducing harmful diesel emissions

A close up shot of part of the ACCT test rig

ACCT is a novel system enhancing SCR operation to further reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel efficiency

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Community Slope SAFE

Close-up photograph of the Community Slope SAFE technology

Innovative early warning system could revolutionise landslide detection – saving thousands of lives each year

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Real-time flood nowcasting to support emergency responders

Photograph showing a flooded urban street

Loughborough’s real-time, high-resolution flood nowcasting and mapping platform supports strategic and operational decision-making

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Illustration showing the Whiskermit technology

Nanoparticle technology aims to enhance an industry-wide method of eliminating potential shorting failures in electronics due to tin whisker growth

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