Enterprise Awards2017

Impact from research

Climate-based daylight modelling

Category finalist

Professor John Mardaljevic - Civil and Building Engineering
Photograph showing where and how natural light falls in a National Trust room

Professor John Mardaljevic’s innovative research – measuring and modelling daylight – has widespread impact.

In 2013, the National Trust initiated a programme to better understand daylight performance: how best to naturally illuminate its collections whilst minimising light damage.

A novel imaging technique was used to reveal where natural light falls within heritage spaces over long periods. The findings are informing the National Trust’s Daylight Management Guide to help protect invaluable heritage artefacts.

New buildings – particularly in urban areas – impact the daylight provision of their neighbours.

In partnership with the Environmental Simulation Centre, Professor Mardaljevic used climate-based daylight modelling (CBDM) to predict the potential daylight injury the Nordstrom Tower will inflict on the historic Art Students League Building in New York.

The findings formed part of the legal agreement for the Tower’s development – the first such application of CBDM in the world.

His research on CDBM was also used as the basis for mandatory evaluation requirements for the Priority Schools Building Programme – costed at more than £8bn.