Enterprise Awards2017

Impact from research

Managing bio-security threats

Category winner

Professor Gilberto Montibeller and Professor L. Alberto Franco - School of Business and Economics
Close up shot of researcher - wearing protective clothing - examining a sample through a microscope

Outbreaks of disease within animal populations can be devastating with potential serious consequences to humans and the economy.

Montibeller and Franco have developed a risk management framework that facilitates timely decision-making for managing complex bio-security threats.

In 2009, in the wake of the 2007 foot-and-mouth crisis, DEFRA created the Veterinary Risk Group to monitor, rank and escalate for action emerging animal health risks. These decisions comprise health and economic concerns, as well as public perception and capability building.

To support these critical decisions, they use the risk management support system developed by the two Loughborough researchers.

Since 2009, ETHiR has supported the analysis of more than 200 animal health threats and emergent risks, facilitating decision-making and the prioritisation of limited resources.

The framework has recently been employed by DEFRA and the Pan-American Health Organisation to address and manage a range of similar challenges related to animal health threats.