Enterprise Awards2017

Impact from research

Our researchers partner a wide-range of external organisations to deliver far-reaching economic, social and cultural benefit

Managing bio-security threats

Close up shot of researcher - wearing protective clothing - examining a sample through a microscope

Risk management support systems help to address the challenge of bio-security threats worldwide

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Climate-based daylight modelling

Photograph showing where and how natural light falls in a National Trust room

Understanding daylight performance can protect historic treasures and collections and could shape the future of urban planning

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Protecting cyclists by improving car safety technology

Photograph of Ruth Welsh in discussion with a colleague at Thatcham Research

Data analysis underpins advanced crash avoidance technologies that could prevent fatal road traffic accidents worldwide

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Transforming the lives of young carers and their families

Close up shot of a young person, smiling into the camera

Shaping national and international health and social care policy and practice to support young carers and their families

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