Enterprise Awards2017

Graduate enterprise


Category winner

Photograph of Incus Performance founder, Chris Ruddock

INCUS combines artificial intelligence, advanced wearable technology and data analytics to optimise training – improving technique and performance.

The technology grew out of Chris Ruddock’s (Product Design Engineering MEng DIS, 2016) final degree project and has generated widespread interest – particularly in Chris’s initial target market of competitive swimming.

It has also garnered several awards and accolades – most recently a place amongst the Top 10 UK finalists in the HYPE Foundation Global Sports Innovation Competition and a successful bid for significant external investment.

Testing of the innovative system with top-flight athletes and coaches has been positive. Its accuracy and accessibility provide actionable feedback at a fraction of the cost of existing products – facilitating the development of personalised training programmes that really enhance performance.

Commercialisation activity is underway to have the system ready for market in 2018.