Commercial potential finalist

Dr Paul Kelly - Science
DSTL and Foster & Freeman Ltd

RECOVER – a cutting-edge chemical vapour fuming process – provides unrivalled fingerprint development capabilities.

The technology – developed at the University in partnership with DSTL – is now being commercialised by global forensic manufacturers Foster & Freeman Ltd (F&F).

The technique develops fingerprints on a range of difficult surfaces, including discharged ammunition casings and metals subject to blast effects, as well as items that have been cleaned in an attempt to prevent identification.

Commercially launched in late 2018, RECOVER has generated great interest amongst the security sector. F&F have already received orders for the system: it will soon be playing its part in genuine forensic investigations.

RECOVER will have a wide-reaching impact – any increase in print recovery from crime scenes and blast sites will act as a deterrent, aid the judicial process and contribute to a reduction in the illegal proliferation of weapons.

F&F are establishing laboratories on the University’s Science and Enterprise Park that will produce the chemical reagent used in the RECOVER process.

The development of RECOVER from concept to commercial product demonstrates the strength of collaborative research – and marks a step change in crime detection and security.

This pioneering fingerprint technology will make it much harder for criminals to escape justice.

Harriett Baldwin MP – former Defence Minister