Wearable sensorfor real-time, continuous monitoring of vital signs


Do you want Carelight technology in your application?

We can work with you in the following ways

  • Proof of concept for your application
  • Product development
  • Validation and testing
  • Licensing

We have an established track record of working with development and manufacturing partners to embed proprietary technology into new applications.

We draw on a wealth of scientific and commercial expertise and test to clinical grade standards in our development partner facilities, The National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine, co-located on our campus.

Patents have been filed and Loughborough University is now looking for commercial partners for non-exclusive licences in a range of sectors. For more information, please visit the Carelight Applications page.

Paul Condliffe looks forward to discussing the business development and IP aspects of the Carelight technology with you.

Patent Publication

  • “Opto-Physiological Sensor and Method of Assembly”, Hu, S., Azorin-Peris, V., UK International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2014/053095, WO 2015056007 A1.
  • Granted UK patent