Wearable sensorfor real-time, continuous monitoring of vital signs


Carelight technology is aimed at the emerging markets for wearable technologies and is intended to provide affordable, continuous monitoring of vital signs without extensive technical equipment that compromises normal daily activity during measurements.

Its intended appliction benefits include:  

ApplicationIntended benefits
Multi-parameter measurements Just one compact device required to obtain multiple physiological parameters
Robust and straightforward to use Can be used in consumer, self-monitoring or non-healthcare environments, e.g. gym, home use
Lightweight, can be worn in various body positions, e.g. wrist, trunk, head No need for uncomfortable chest strap – promotes compliance
Continuous data collection Real time measurements throughout wearable period – observe trends
Wireless communication Connects with smartphone or dedicated network device for easy access reporting
Novel opto-electronic design reduces impact of motion-induced interference Users can move freely during measurement
Designed for scalable, low cost manufacture Can be formatted for single use disposable or long term reusable devices