ACCTNovel NOx emission reduction system

The technology

A close up shot of part of the ACCT test rig

Working at the forefront of NOx reduction technology since 2010, Loughborough experts have developed a novel system that extends the low-temperature operation of AdBlueTM-based SCR systems.

The novel Loughborough system uses waste heat to convert a small volume of AdBlueTM into a new solution that produces the required ammonia even at low temperatures.

The new technology will effectively integrate with existing reduction systems, requiring minimal re-design, and will:

  • dramatically lower total NOx output
  • improve engine and fuel efficiency
  • help to reduce CO2 and particulate matter emissions.

To date, no other technology exists that functions at low temperatures and uses the readily available, industry-standard AdBlueTM.

THE award innovation Autocar Awards 
IET innovation finalist  NAQ award innovation finalist  NAQ award leader finalist

Underpinning research was funded by Loughborough University, commercialisation activities have been supported by:
Research England’s Higher Education Innovation Fund, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account.