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Professor Ron Maughan

Photo of Professor Ron Maughan

Emeritus Professor of Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Ron Maughan obtained a BSc (Physiology) and PhD from the University of Aberdeen, and held a lecturing position in Liverpool before returning to Aberdeen where he was based in the Medical School for almost 25 years.

Professor Maughan is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and received that organisation's Citation Award in 2007. He is also a member of the Physiological Society, the Nutrition Society, the Biochemical Society, and the Medical Research Society. He chaired the Human and Exercise Physiology group of the Physiological Society for 10 years and was a member of the Council of that organisation. He is Chair of the Sports Nutrition group established by the IOC Medical Commission in 2002.

He has acted as an adviser to UK Sport, UK Athletics, The FA, FIFA, the Irish Sports Council and to various other sporting bodies. In 2006-07 he was adviser to the House of Commons Select Committee enquiry on Human Enhancement Technologies in Sport.

On moving to Loughborough, Professor Maughan established a new Masters Degree program in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a distance learning MSc program in Sports Nutrition.

His research interests are in the physiology, biochemistry and nutrition of exercise performance, with an interest in both the basic science of exercise and the applied aspects that relate to health and to performance in sport.

Journal Editorial Roles

Editor or associate editor:

  • Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
  • International Journal of Sports Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism
  • Journal of Sports Sciences
  • Pflugers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • British Journal of Sports Medicine (1990-2005)
  •  Experimental Physiology (2000-2005)
  • European Journal of Applied Physiology (1991-2003)

Editorial board:

  • International Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Saudi J Sports Med
  • Medicina Sportiva
  • American Journal of Medicine and Sports

Other External Research-Related Roles

  • Chair of the Nutrition Working group of the IOC Medical Commission
  • Member, Nutrition Society Working Group on Accreditation in Sports Nutrition 1999-2003
  • Member, American College of Sports Medicine Program Committee (1998-2001) and International Relations Committee, 1999-2006
  • Member, Sports Medicine Review Board of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute 1990.
  • Member of the ILSI Expert Group on Sports Nutrition 2002-2004

Selected Invited Conference Presentations (2009 only)

  • Emerging technologies for efficacy demonstration: hydration. ILSI workshop, Brussels
  • Hydration strategies for sports performance in hot and humid countries. First Asian Sports Nutrition Seminar, Singapore
  • Importance of hydration for sports performance during Ramadan. First Asian Sports Nutrition Seminar, Singapore
  • Fluids and hydration in team sports. RFL Sports Medicine, Sports Science and Performance Conference, Leeds
  • Dietary supplement usage in team sports. RFL Sports Medicine, Sports Science and Performance Conference, Leeds
  • Fasting and sports performance. IOC Medical Commission workshop on Fasting in Sport. Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Nutrition for Football. University of Saarbrucken, Germany
  • Dietary supplements. Animal nutrition symposium. Waltham
  • Limitations to middle distance running performance. International Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Conference. Newcastle, UK
  • Maintenance of musculoskeletal mass: interplay of nutrition and exercise. ESPEN Annual meeting. Vienna, Austria
  • Nutrition for sports performance. Algerian Sports Medicine Association meeting. Algiers, Algeria
  • Development of hydration strategies to optimise performance for athletes in high intensity sports and in sports with repeated intense effort. Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Medical and physiological challenges of playing football in the heat. FIFA Medical Conference. Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Fasting and sports performance. IOC Medical Commission Science and Medicine meeting. Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Nutrition concerns of athletes at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games. IOC International Federations Medical Officers’ meeting. Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Distance running in the heat. International symposium on exercise in hot environments. Doha, Qatar
  • Hydration and dehydration. International symposium on exercise in hot environments. Doha, Qatar
  • Hydration and health. ESAC meeting, Brussels, Belgium
  • Nutrition and hydration for sports performance. Annual meeting of the Turkish Nutrition Society. Istanbul
  • Hydration and cognitive function. Annual meeting of the Turkish Nutrition Society. Istanbul  


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Original research papers

  • Watson P, E Houghton, PB Grace, C Judkins, PM Dunster, RJ Maughan (2010) The effect of delivery mode on excretion patterns of nandrolone metabolites after ingestion of a nandrolone pro-hormone. Med Sci Sports Ex 42, 754-761
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  • Maughan RJ, SM Shirreffs, P Watson (2007) Exercise, heat, hydration and the brain. J Am Coll Nutr 26, 604S-612S

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