School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


Dr Michael Hutchinson MSc, BSc

Photo of Dr Michael Hutchinson

Research Assistant (Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport)

Michael completed his BSc Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath in 2013. Following this, Michael completed his MSc Exercise Physiology (Distinction) at Loughborough University in 2014. Michael then joined as a Research Assistant and completed a part-time PhD, from which he graduated in 2019, prior to starting his current role.

Through his role as Research Associate, Michael aids in many physiology and classification research projects in the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport. Michael is currently working with the International Tennis Federation and researchers from University of Queensland on developing evidence-based classification in Wheelchair Tennis. Michael has also been involved in projects using an Indoor Tracking System to quantify physical demands of wheelchair court sports such as Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis.

Michael’s PhD focused on the application of subjective ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) to regulate exercise intensity during upper body exercise. Michael conducted studies into the validity and reliability of using RPE-guided exercise for both exercise testing and exercise prescription in able-bodied and disabled participants. Michael is also interested in understanding what mechanisms contribute to the RPE response, and how these mechanisms may impact on RPE responses in participants with a disability, such as spinal cord injury.

During his MSc, Michael began working with the England Visually Impaired Cricket Team as their Performance Nutritionist. Michael has since expanded this role and now acts as Performance Scientist for both the Visually Impaired and Deaf squads.

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