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Welcome to the Centre for Global Health and Human Development

Professor Noël Cameron talks about his research

The Centre, part of the School of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences (SSEHS), includes scientists with broad interests in human population biology but with a common focus on maternal and child health and human growth and development, particularly within minority populations, and particularly within developing countries. There is also an emerging concentration of studies on lifestyles in the elderly with regard to bone health and nutrition.

Dr Stacy Clemes talks about her research

A theme running through the Centre is that of research in developing or transitional countries (e.g. South Africa, Bangladesh, India) and of the health risks of different ethnic groups in developed countries (e.g. South Asians in the UK, Mayans in the USA).

The Centre is described as “global” because of the international scope of its research. In addition to being actively involved in longitudinal birth cohort studies in Soweto-Johannesburg, South Africa (Birth to Twenty) and the UK (Born in Bradford), members of the centre also have ongoing research projects in Mexico, USA, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, Guatemala, and Portugal.

Dr Katherine Brooke-Wavell talks about her research

Research funding currently comes from the NHS-NIPR, MRC, ESRC, Child Growth Foundation, the Royal Society, SANPAD (South Africa-Netherlands research funding agency), the Wenner-Gren Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust. Current applications have been submitted to the MRC, British Heart Foundation, the Royal Society, Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Programme (cross funded by all UK Funding Councils).

The Annals of Human Biology, the official journal for the Society for the Study of Human Biology, is edited from within the research centre and supports the costs of an editorial assistant.

The continuing activities of the Centre include regular weekly meetings that alternate between a journal club and a research meeting. At the former a published paper is presented and at the latter ongoing research is discussed. Post-graduate students form an integral and important part of these meetings. They are not only expected to attend but they are actively encouraged to present papers and to take a creative role in the research discussions.


Contribution to the mission of the School of SEHS

The Centre for Global Health and Human Development contributes actively to the SSEHS mission statement through its pursuit of research of international standing carried out within an international research arena. It is clear that, more than almost any other research entity within the School, the Centre for Global Health and Human Development leads the SSEHS with regard to health research and is the primary contributor to the research theme entitled “Health, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases”. The research projects of the Centre (see below) share objectives in the identification of the determinants of chronic diseases of lifestyle and in the development of effective sustainable interventions during childhood. An active research group within the Centre investigates the habitual determinants of physical activity including environmental and familial factors in bi-ethnic samples. Intervention research currently being undertaken includes the use of the Community Readiness Model to support dietary and physical activity initiatives in pre-adolescent girls, the development of an intervention to prevent overweight/obesity amongst preschool children in Bradford, and infant feeding interventions in India.

Current Research Projects
(attributed in this document to members of the Centre but most involve collaboration both nationally and internationally):


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See also: Applied Cognitive Research Group

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