School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


22 Jan 2021

Experts in Sport: Insight into the relationship between exercise and cancer

EIS exercise and cancer

This week’s Experts in Sport podcast takes a closer look at the relationship between exercise and cancer.

In this episode, host Martin Foster (Applied Sport Management Lead), is joined by Dr Mhairi Morris, Lecturer in Biochemistry from the University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

Mhairi and Martin discuss a whole host of topics around cancer, including how the immune system responds to the disease, the potential preventative benefits of exercise, and further advice on physical activity to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Dr Morris’ research interests include understanding the interactions between cancer cells and stromal cells in the tumour microenvironment and she is also the founder of Essential Cancer Education. This initiative helps cancer health professionals engage their patients through healthy lifestyle changes to reduce secondary cancer risk and improve patient wellbeing.

During the podcast, Dr Morris discusses whether cancer patients might be at higher risk of contracting Covid-19 and offers advice to cancer patients on how much exercise they should do:

“For those that have cancer and are going through treatment – although the recommendations are for 5 x 30 mins of moderate intensity exercise per week - the effects of cancer can be exhausting and cause extreme fatigue.

“It’s a question of doing what you can but not pushing yourself too far - but try and do something, even if it’s a short walk.”

Experts in Sport: E24 - Exercise, immune system and cancer