School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


15 Jan 2018

University academics contribute to landmark handbook on physical activity policy and practice

Thirty current and former Loughborough University academics have contributed to a landmark publication on physical activity policy and practice.

The Routledge Handbook  is the first book to critically examine the topic from a multi-disciplinary, social-scientific perspective and define and explore themes that are shaping the global physical activity debate.

Its 41 chapters examine the use of different forms of evidence in policymaking, the role of organisations in advocating physical activity and the practical realities of public health interventions.

In total, 75 authors from around the world contributed to the handbook.

Eight Loughborough University academics, from a wide range of disciplines in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (SSEHS), have chapters in the book and a further 22 contributors are former SSEHS staff or PhD researchers.

Dr Joe Piggin, a Senior Lecturer in Sport Policy and Management in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, is an author and one of the handbook’s three editors.

He said: “We are so appreciative of all authors for their contributions and I think the number of those with links to Loughborough University highlights the global community of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

“The idea for the book came from a desire to challenge some of the assumptions about physical activity.  I hope it will give scholars and policy makers a greater understanding of the sheer complexity of trying to produce an active population.”

For more information on the Routledge Handbook of Physical Activity Policy and Practice or to purchase a copy click here.