School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


7 Mar 2018

Prof. Vicky Tolfrey and Dr Jan van der Scheer will visit Korea during the PyeongChang Paralympics

Following a visit to Loughborough University from researchers at Yonsei University, Peter Harrison Centre (PHC) members Prof Vicky Tolfrey and Dr Jan van der Scheer from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, have been invited to visit Yonsei University as part of a celebratory symposium. The symposium is being held in aid of recognising the return of the Paralympic games to Korea in March of 2018, 30 years since the Seoul Paralympic summer games in 1988. Topics of the symposium will be Paralympic-related where internationally renowned scholars in the adaptive sport science and rehabilitation engineering will attend, with the theme being “Disability, sports, and Technology”.

Both Prof. Tolfrey and Dr van der Scheer will present some of their experiences and research within disability sport titled “Pushing from Atlanta to Rio: Reflections of my Practitioner and Research Journey” and “Effects of Exercise on Fitness and Health of Adults with Spinal Cord Injury” respectively.

Alongside attending the celebratory symposium, PHC visitors will have the opportunity to see a Paralympic curling game at the Gangneung Curling Centre.

Prof. Tolfrey commenting on their upcoming visit: “I believe this symposium will be a fantastic experience, and I look forward to the knowledge I'll gain and discussing future collaborations with Jongbae Kim (Associate Professor) and Professor Rory Cooper who is also an invited speaker. It is also a great platform to be sharing our work on exercise guidelines for persons with a spinal cord injury that Jan will be delivering. It is wonderful that this short trip, has included an opportunity to attend the wheelchair curling event where I can cheer on ParalympicsGB”.