School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


1 Dec 2017

Paralympic gold medallist Jonnie Peacock to launch Loughborough University’s experts’ guide to a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year

The University will begin a Christmas and New Year health and wellbeing campaign next week – an eight-week initiative which aims to inspire positive changes to physical and mental prosperity.

Throughout January and December academics and experts will offer advice and insight into ways to be healthier and happier over the festive and New Year period.

More than a dozen topics will be covered including willpower, exercise, sleep, losing weight, mental wellbeing and finance.

Our experts cover numerous academic disciplines, from sports science, to business and economics, to English and the arts, and can be found on Twitter using the #LboroExperts hashtag during December and January.

All of the content will appear on the University’s website, and will be shared via Twitter and Facebook throughout December and January, with photos and videos also appearing on Snapchat.

Launching the campaign is gold medal-winning Paralympian and Strictly Come Dancing star, Jonnie Peacock, who trains at Loughborough, with some simple advice for improving New Year diets.

He said: “Make small changes and just keep introducing more.

“So, add in as much fruit and veg as possible. Take out all the sugary foods, and then take out more and more.

“You don’t have to take out everything in that first week - make small improvements as the weeks go on.

“You don’t just want to do it for a week, you want to introduce that change for a long, long time. Going cold turkey can sometimes be the worst thing to do.”

The campaign will be delivered in two parts.

The Christmas half will focus on improving your festive break, and will include advice about:

  • Why you should let yourself indulge – how to do it without going to extremes
  • The phenomenon of ‘alcoholidays’ – how a change in seasonal routine affects your sleep
  • Tips for encouraging youngsters to go for greens and not feast on unhealthy snacks during December
  • How to get the best out of your supermarket

The New Year half will then feature a collection of articles which aim to get 2018 off to a fit and happy start:

  • How to improve your willpower
  • The benefits of setting goals within your New Year resolutions
  • Kick-starter fitness routines
  • Improving your finances
  • The science of losing weight
  • The importance of good sleep

The first piece, released on Monday (4), brings welcome news about the merits of indulgence – and how allowing a few festive luxuries over Christmas might be better for you than attempting all-out abstinence.

Psychologist Dr Gemma Witcomb and PhD researcher Chris McLeod will kick things off with, Why indulgence is better for you this Christmas…

Merry Christmas!