School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


21 Jul 2017

Do you want to try to reduce your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes?

Researchers from Loughborough University's School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences are looking for willing volunteers to take part in a research project called the SIGNAL study.

The study relates to physical activity and preventing Type 2 diabetes and involves the use of wearable devices (e.g. Fitbit) to offer real-time feedback on physical activity and glucose (sugar) levels. 

The researchers would be very happy to hear from you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are aged 40 years or older
  • You use an Android smartphone

We would very much like you to complete the final item of our screening process. We ask that you complete a brief online survey ( Questions relate to age, gender, ethnicity, family history, waist circumference, height and weight. This survey will provide you with a level of risk for developing Type 2 diabetes (e.g. low, increased, moderate or high). If you receive a moderate or high risk, and you are aged at least 40 years old and use an Android smartphone, a member of our research team will get in touch with you about taking part in our study.

For more information, contact Maxine Whelan:

T: 07721 008 842