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7 Nov 2017

Alumna releases book to help improve the understanding of the breast cancer gene

Clarissa Foster has recently written “Understanding BRCA”, a book that she hopes will help people to understand the breast cancer gene.

The new publication focuses on the BRCA gene and the management options available to BRCA mutation carriers. This includes screening, risk-reducing surgery and chemoprevention (the use of drugs to lower the risk of developing cancer), and references relevant research.

The book also includes Clarissa’s physical and emotional experiences of undergoing risk-reducing surgery and the surgically induced menopause that follows.

Commenting on the need for a book like this, Clarissa said:

“When I was found to carry a BRCA gene mutation, meaning that I was at a dramatically increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, I was eager to find a book which would help me to better understand the BRCA gene and the options available to me to try to reduce my risk of cancer. Above all, I wanted to read an open and honest account of another woman’s experience of undergoing risk-reducing surgery. To my surprise, and disappointment, there was no such book available and I felt this needed to change. I made the decision to write this much-needed book, in the hope of helping others around the world.”

Clarissa graduated from Loughborough with a degree in Human Biology in 1999.

Understanding BRCA will be available from 10 November 2017. Find out more about Clarissa and purchase a copy of the book online