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1 July 2021

NCSEM Public lecture: Obesity, ethnicity and COVID-19 – One year on

  • Thursday 1 July 2021, 17:30 - 18:30
  • Online
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    This event will take place online. It is free of charge and open to anyone with an interest in the topic.

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About this event

This public lecture will be delivered by Cameron Razieh, Epidemiologist and Statistician working at the Diabetes Research Centre at the University of Leicester on Thursday 01 July 2021. The talk will discuss the relationship between obesity, ethnicity and COVID-19 outcomes and what we have learnt a year on from the start of the pandemic.

Evidence has previously reported that minority ethnic groups, particularly South Asian and black African or Caribbean populations, are at an increased risk of COVID‐19 and resulting complications. Obesity is also an established risk factor for COVID-19 outcomes, but less is known about the interaction between obesity and ethnicity and whether the strength of associations observed with obesity remain consistent across ethnic groups and whether this may contribute to the increased risk seen in ethnic minority groups.