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Dr Louise Grove BSc. MRes. Ph.D. Loughborough University

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Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy

I joined the Department of Social Sciences in 2010 as a Lecturer. In 2014 I became Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy. My main research and teaching interests are in heritage crime, green criminology, and crime prevention. I predominantly conduct interdisciplinary research with my current collaborations sited in chemistry, information management, and museology.

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My early research focused on crime prevention, and in particular the concept of repeat victimisation: that once a person, place, or business has been a victim of crime once, they are far more likely to be a victim on subsequent occasions. The change in crime over recent years has also formed part of my work. This background informs the approach I now take to my research on heritage crime, which I define as any activity which causes harm to the historic environment or that creates deliberate cultural loss or damage.

My current research develops a criminological approach to issues affecting cultural heritage. I recently published findings from a pilot project on museum security with a colleague at the University of Helsinki, and this is an area I am actively developing. My other focus at present is the use of photographs and satellite imagery to identify physical damage to heritage assets.

I welcome enquiries from potential collaborators and PhD students on heritage crime and green criminology issues.

  • SSA206 Crime and Social Welfare: Policy in Practice
  • SSB228 Green Criminology
  • SSC220 Crime Prevention
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