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Dr David Smith

Photo of Dr David Smith

Research Assistant

Dr David Smith is a Research Assistant in the Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University. He works with Professor John Downey and Dr Robert Dover (University of Leicester) on the TOXI-Triage project, a pan-European, interdisciplinary project, which explores ways to improve civil preparedness in the event of a catastrophic chemical, biological, radioactive, or nuclear (CBRN) incident in Europe. His work in this respect focuses on the role that communications play in promoting effective crisis communications strategies. 

In 2015, he completed his doctoral thesis on the reporting of immigration in UK election news coverage (1918–2010). He worked as a University Teacher in the Department from 2015 to 2017, teaching on a variety of Communication and Media Studies modules. He has been a part of the research team on a number of projects run by the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture, including the Centre’s recent content analysis of media coverage of the 2017 general election.