Communication, Media, Social and Policy Studies


Cuomu Zhaxi BA World History (Nankai University), MA Mass Communication (University of Leicester), MA Global Media and Cultural Industries (Loughborough University)

Photo of  Cuomu Zhaxi

Research Student

Cuomu has been conducting her postgraduate research since 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Alena Pfoser (Department of Social Sciences) and Dr. Thoralf Klein (Department of Politics, History and International Relations).

She graduated with a Bachelor of Art in World History from the University of Nankai in China and then obtained her Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Leicester. She also received a Master of Arts with distinction in Global Media and Cultural Industries at Loughborough University.


Proposed thesis title:

InclusionandExclusion: MediaRepresentationofTibetanonChineseCentralTelevisionandNationalisminChinasReformEra

Research Summary:

Going beyond the critiques of colonialism and internal orientalism, this study views the mediated representation of Tibetans as a part of the historical process of building a multi-ethnic nation-state on the basis of Imperial Qing in the modern China. The exclusion and inclusion formulation of the media representation of Tibetans and its reception will be at the centre of discussion.

This study employs both qualitative and quantitative analytical tools firstly by conducting both content analyses on news coverage as well as visual media analysis on visual and audio outlets and secondly, by taking interviews for the audience reception studies.

Research Interests:

Media representation; audiences; ethnicity and minorities; Chinese nationalism; inclusion and exclusion in the modern society.