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Dr Bogdana Huma BSc Sociology, BSc Psychology, MSc Sociology, PhD Sociology University of Bucharest

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University Teacher/Research Student

I am passionate about social psychology, which I studied for my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Bucharest, Romania.

In October 2014, I moved to Loughborough University to start a PhD in the field of Conversation Analysis under the supervision of Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe.

My current research interests arise from my ongoing PhD in which I employ Conversation Analysis and Discursive Psychology to study commercial service encounters conducted via telephone. This research site enables the examination of the interactional work which underpins the accomplishment of various mundane activities such as requesting and offering services, making arrangements, or complaining about service provision. Additionally, service encounters also offer the opportunity to observe social psychological phenomena like ‘persuasion’ ‘negotiation’, and ‘selling’ in action.

Previously, as part of my research conducted at the University of Bucharest, I have examined social perception and first impressions. I started by being curious about how different individuals can form different impressions of the same person and tried to sketch an explanation which took into consideration the circumstances in which first impressions are formed. After coming in contact with Discursive Psychology, I redirected my efforts towards trying to understand when and how individuals invoke first impressions in everyday conversations and what can be accomplished interactionally through the use of assessments as first impressions.

While studying at the University of Bucharest, I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities involving interactions with students. I taught both lectures and seminars on various topics (social psychology, nonverbal communication, descriptive statistics, sociological research methodology, research methods in human resource management, and sociological and professional interviews), I coordinated students’ bachelor and master dissertations, conducted assessments (undergraduate and postgraduate level), and took part in the organisation of various extra-curricular activities with and for students.

At Loughborough University, I am lecturing on the ‘Social Psychology and Relationships’ module. In the past, I have also lectured on the ‘Researching Social Life’ module.

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