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Emily Shore, BSc Information Management and Business finalist

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

Throughout my time at Loughborough I have loved the variety that IMB offers. The things that I have enjoyed most about the course are the diverse options of modules that are relevant to business practice today. From some of my favourite modules in Managing Big Data, Intelligent Project Management and even Accounting for Managers, I have enjoyed a wide breadth of Business as well as Information Management modules. From being in lectures, in lab session or in tutorials, the range of teaching provided me with a wide range of ways to learn when studying for coursework or exams.

Discovering an enjoyment in some of the managing technology lectures within first year and the start of second year, I decided to apply for technology placements. I obtained a placement before Christmas working as a Functional Analyst at PepsiCo. After a year at PepsiCo, I decided I wanted to work within technology but as more of a project role. This led me to applying for Business Analyst roles within various sectors and from my experience at PepsiCo and learning at Loughborough, I obtained a Graduate Business Analyst role within an Investment Management company that I will start after completing my degree.

What did you do on placement and what did you take away from that experience?

On placement, my role was to support the technology within the Supply Chain Execution and Manufacturing part of PepsiCo, the front line. 

From day one, I was given a huge amount of responsibility by being taught how to support business critical applications. Six months in and I was given my own project to manage which meant travelling round the UK to different PepsiCo sites and deploying a new hardware that I had managed and configured myself. 

As well as the business social events and nice cars I was able to drive, I was also given opportunities to put my unique knowledge on Information Management into place by creating some new team practices. I learnt that due to the complex nature of the workplace and the reliance on knowledge there were not sufficient processes in place to capture this knowledge so that if a team member were to leave, this would be captured, enabling a more efficient practice. 

What are you career aspirations and how to you feel your course has prepared you to fulfil these?

I am now looking forward to starting my new Graduate Role as a Business Analyst in London in September 2017. I believe that my course has prepared me much more than I originally thought. Teaching me different aspects of business and technology has enabled me to understand both business and technical acumen, a rare skill of many people in the workplace.

Having studied a degree in IMB, I have found that employers are always intrigued to know about the course and what we study, as the importance of Information Management is increasing in all organisations and these skills tend to be rare to find. Therefore, compared to other students that I will be working with who studied other degrees, I believe this will place me at a great footing for getting stuck into the life of a Business Analyst as soon as I start! 

How do you feel you’ve developed your employability at Loughborough?

When I started at Loughborough I had only had one previous job so the thought of having to apply for placements, internships and graduate jobs was daunting at the start. Due to the sheer volume of employability fairs I found myself talking to employees and receiving tips on application processes from year 1. I secured a summer internship between my first and second year from a company that I had never heard of, and luckily, because they came to Loughborough, I found myself securing an internship for the summer. Practice assessment centres also helped me prepare when attending assessment days in second year for placement. I believe that this is what helped me secure my placement so early on, having employers such as PwC, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and EY helped teach me the skills needed to succeed in these situations.

Also, being at Loughborough, I always had a love for sport and my involvement, whether it be IMS or even gym classes with friends, helped in teaching me team work, a key for employers, but also a good work-life balance for me.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

As many others, when I first started I did not know what IMB was exactly, but choosing it instead of other business courses I looked at within the Business School was the best decision.

The relevance of the course is like no other, it up-to-date, its specialist and it is exactly what employers are looking for right now. I could not recommend this course highly enough. It’s perfect if you want to give yourself that extra flare compared to other business students. It is the perfect balance of managing technology and managing business.

We learn the same modules as other business students but with specialist modules in how organisations can manage Information, Knowledge and Data to provide better business insights. 

Has Loughborough inspired you?

Loughborough is simply incredible and it inspires me all the time. Walking round campus and always bumping into someone, it really is a bubble. I have had the best 4 years as a Loughborough Student and could not be happier with the platform it has provided me with to enter the workplace. It is a beautiful campus and the opportunities are endless. Loughborough taught me to ‘work hard and play hard’. All Loughborough students live by that motto as socialising is a big thing at Loughborough which again, I have found that employers love, but also the learning side, everyone is there to do well and come out with a great degree. The ongoing number of events on campus, there is always something to do or get involved in and I can honestly say that this has been the best 4 years and I would not change a thing.