School of Business and Economics


Student profile

Busayo Olarinde, BSc Accounting and Financial Management

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

I had always wanted to study Accounting or Economics because of my interest in the financial industry. I liked the structure of the Accounting and Financial Management course in Loughborough and the opportunity to undertake a placement as an integral part of my degree.

My placement year has been the major highlight of my university experience. Being able to utilise the skills I acquired during my study at Loughborough, and acquiring new skills further piqued my interest in my chosen field. In addition, meeting and living with people from different backgrounds has been an extraordinary experience for me.

What was the international community like at Loughborough University?

After successful completion of the IGCSEs in Nigeria, I moved to England to undertake an international foundation programme. My keenness to study at Loughborough University was based on its high rank in my course and the town's student friendly culture. During my first year at Loughborough University, I attended an orientation evening for international students where I was introduced to the Afro Caribbean and Nigerian Societies. Being under 18 years old, the school assigned an additional personal tutor to provide support and advice for potential challenges. In addition, Loughborough's great sense of community helped me establish friendships with not only people from my country, but also people from different countries and backgrounds.

How did you develop your employability during your studies at Loughborough?

My course has helped me develop many skills such as team working, independent learning and attention to detail. My involvement in extra-curricular activities like being a student ambassador and the vice chair of the Alumni and Employability helped develop my communication and time management skills. 

The SBE Placements looked over my CV and provided me with constructive feedback. They also organised practice interviews, networking events and company presentations. I used the feedback and practice sessions as tools in enhancing how I presented myself to employers and how I could interact with them on a professional level.  

Where did you do your placement and how did it contribute to your personal development?

I worked as an Internal Audit Analyst at Goldman Sachs in London. My role involved monitoring and assessing risks and controls within the firm. I had the opportunity to interact with stakeholders across different departments and countries as part of the audit projects I worked on. This helped broaden my knowledge of some of the business areas within the firm and also the financial services industry.

My placement contributed to my personal development in more ways than I expected. I acquired numerous skills such as communication, analytical, technical and confidence. With these skills, I have a better understanding of how to apply myself in my academics and how I am expected to apply and conduct myself in a professional setting after the completion of my degree. The most valuable skill I acquired is confidence. It is a skill that is highly needed for me to succeed in both my personal and professional life. 

I had the opportunity to network and meet lots of intelligent people. I acquired new skills and knowledge of the firm and the financial services industry. In addition, I will be returning to Goldman Sachs after graduation with the opportunity to take the professional accounting exams to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. 

What would you say to someone considering your course?

If you are looking for a university with great careers network, student support systems, sports facilities, whilst still leaving room for fun and creativity, then the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University is a great place for that. There is always something to get involved in at Loughborough, which will allow you create your own unique experience. 

Work hard, network well, take advantage of the career fairs offered by the university. Doing a placement year is very beneficial in getting practical experience about your industry of interest. It is a great opportunity to develop transferable skills, grow, discover your career path and enhance your academic abilities as well.