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Daniel Spang

Daniel Spang

Current MBA Student, Professional Hockey Player for Nottingham Panthers

MBA student Daniel Spang explains how he fit his MBA studies around being a professional hockey player, how it's challenged and changed him as a person, and how it's open new opportunities for his career.

"The MBA program at Loughborough University is a top-tier opportunity for any student seeking a high volume of personal attention from faculty combined with invaluable experiences working on real-life business cases.  The majority of classes feature 20-40 students of diverse international backgrounds with a vast array of professional experience in a multitude of fields.  I was able to gain tremendous amounts of knowledge from other classmates with vast job experience in different occupational fields during group exercises and projects.

The Loughborough MBA challenged me as a student and as a person during my tenure.  The expectations at Loughborough are extremely high, but as a student I felt as though I was presented with the tools to be successful within the program.  My biggest accomplishment from the MBA program is the confidence I developed, that I can add value to any organization as an employee or manager.  The MBA program was able to develop my communication and interpersonal skills, leadership skills and most of all my ability to work with team members to execute decision-making.

Before attending Loughborough University, I was a professional ice hockey player of 12 seasons with an undergraduate degree from Boston University.  My biggest fear was life after hockey.  During my time at Loughborough, I developed the quantitative and technical skills required to bring value to any business through accounting, finance and operation management courses.  More importantly, the strong emphasis on leadership, problem solving and innovation have afforded me the ability to be qualified for more senior roles in my future.  After completion of the MBA at Loughborough University I am now in control of my own future.   For that I am thankful."