School of Business and Economics


Graduate profile

Professor Paul Alagidede

Professor of Finance at Wits Business School, University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg.

2004 MSc Economics and Finance

2008 PhD in Economics

Paul Alagidede studied at the School of Business and Economics for both his MSc in Economics and Finance and his PhD in Economics. Since graduating Paul has worked as a member of academic staff at a number of universities, and is now a Professor of Finance at the Wits Business School, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

"When I made my decision to study my Masters, I was looking for a university that offered all round training and instruction in the leading branches of Economics and Finance. I was also particularly interested in studying at a world-class university with international faculty. The School of Business and Economics provided all this in one package.

Added to this I was awarded a full postgraduate scholarship and this made my decision to study at Loughborough the most rewarding and the best decision that I made in my academic career.

The MSc Economics and Finance programme was one of the most rigorous programmes I have ever undertaken. The depth of knowledge of the teaching staff, the excellent administrative support and the direct integration of theory and evidence, provided a solid foundation for me to pursue a PhD.

The research at Loughborough is of international repute, helping to solve many problems of national and global concern. The collegial environment and generous postgraduate research funding all combined to prepare me adequately for the job market. Loughborough will always remain in my heart as the place where my intellectual faculties received full nurture and blossomed thereafter."