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Navdeep Soodan

Navdeep Soodan

MSc Management

Why did you choose this degree and institution?

After finishing my undergraduate BEng Aeronautical Engineering degree at Loughborough I was looking to expand my knowledge and further develop and gain new skills. The School of Business and Economics has been consistently ranked as one of UK’s Top-10 business schools on national league tables every year and having studied in Loughborough for 3 years, I was well aware of the world-class academic and careers related resources that the institute provides. With this in mind, choosing to study MSc Management seemed like a natural progression to gain a higher level qualification.

What are the benefits of studying at the School of Business and Economics?

Excellent teaching quality coupled with great study facilities and resources have helped me greatly to progress and learn throughout the course. The lecturers are extremely helpful as well and provide support whenever needed whether it’s via email or during their office hours. The ambience in the school is very friendly and all of their staff are very approachable.

What is the content of the course like?

MSc Management covers a full range of management modules which provide a solid foundation and knowledge to anyone from a non-business background.  For example, modules such as Operations Management, Accounting and Financial Management and Marketing Management give you insights into the key functions of any organisation as well as in depth knowledge of critical management issues.  Throughout the course, lecture material is not just theoretical, but a lot of the examples and cases that we learn are relevant to current situations and markets.

Did you manage to secure funding for your studies?

As I am a returning student to Loughborough University, my fee has been subsidised by an alumni bursary, however the remainder I have to pay by myself.

What are the benefits of postgraduate study in your opinion?

An MSc Management together with BEng Aeronautical Engineering will add a significant amount of value onto my CV.  I will be able to apply for a wider range of jobs and more importantly this course has given me an opportunity to explore new subjects and opportunities.

How do you think the course prepare you for the world of work?

Having come from a technical background, by completing this programme, it will show the diversity and adaptability that I have in order to succeed in the world of work.

What are the best bits about studying at Loughborough?

Besides my studies, Loughborough University provides a variety of social as well as sporting activities. The students union is one of the biggest and best in the UK where you can join a wide range of societies which means you will never be bored.  There are a lot of students from many different parts of the world which has given me the opportunity to learn more about their cultures.

What advice would you give to other students considering postgraduate study at Loughborough?

First of all I would recommend visiting the university website and reading up on all relevant information. There are a lot of facts about each programme and its contents. Attending one of the University open days will give you an insight of how it feels to be in and around Loughborough. Staff and students will be there to answer any questions that you have and provide support and guidance in order for you to make the right decision.

What are your plans/ambitions for after you graduate?

I am looking to work as an Aeronautical Engineer within the Aerospace Sector. An MSc in Management will help me accelerate my career progression and help me to attain the Chartered Engineer status.