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Chuze Liang

Chuze Liang

MSc Banking and Finance

What is your name, degree and country of origin?

My name is Liang Chuze, and my degree is MSc Banking and Finance and I come from China.

Why did you choose your course at Loughborough University?

I studied Finance for my undergraduate degree so I chose Banking and Finance at MSc. Loughborough had high ranking in the Times so I chose Loughborough University.

How does Loughborough compare with your previous institution?

When I was an undergraduate student all I had to do was just pass the final exam, but at Loughborough every week I have a special task; a tutorial, a presentation or an essay, so I'm very busy at Loughborough and I enjoy this style of life.

What has been the highlight of the programme so far?

My favourite module is Money, Economics and Finance, because this module is related to macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is linked to currency policy and political policy and I'm interested in these areas so I liked this module.

How do you think you’ve developed your employability at Loughborough?

The most important thing I have learnt in Loughborough is not knowledge but how to apply that knowledge. I will learn knowledge all my life, but there is only one way to apply that knowledge, and I’ve learnt that in Loughborough.

How easy was it to settle in as an international student at Loughborough?

It was easy to settle into Loughborough because when I came here. When I came to UK I got lots of of help on my my pre-sessionary course, and the people I met became some of my best friends in Loughborough.

What do you enjoy most about being a LU student?

I like the sports facilities in Loughborough most because I like to exercise. Loughborough has a truly fantastic gym I really enjoy it and I go to the gym everyday.