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Abiodun Oyewale

MSc Information Management and Business Technology

Abiodun's postgraduate study experience

Nigerian postgraduate Abiodun Oyewale on why he chose to study MSc Information Management and Business Technology at Loughborough.

This is a transcription of Abiodun Oyewale's video

What is your name, degree and country of origin?

My name is Abiodun Oyewale, I’m studying IMBT - Information Management and Business Technology and I’m Nigerian.

Why did you choose your course at Loughborough University?

My love for business triggered me to want to do a business-related course, however whilst trying to research which one I should do specifically, I found that the world now is going into a lot of IT innovative stuff, so I decided to look for a blend of IT and business as well. At first I couldn't really find it in so many universities, but then I found IMBT at Loughborough and I was really satisfied about the modules that were involved in it.

What has been the highlight of the programme so far?

I think for me, one of the highlights of the programme so far has been involved in every stage of the modules that I’ve been taking, where each of the modules seem be important in a real life sense and in the business world presently. Also the differences in the modules as well, I mean having to have both coursework and some exams as well has been interesting.

But I think the major highlight will probably be my dissertation which I am looking forward to undertaking. I’ve been involved in research management so far and I’m looking forwards to just carrying out the dissertation fully.

How do you think you’ve developed your employability at Loughborough?

Firstly, I mean Loughborough is well ranked for employability so to employers it’s well known, which gives me a kind of edge to other universities and other students as well. And I’ve been able to have direct links and good rapport with lecturers and students as well, which I believe gives me a good edge to have opportunities to be employed. I’ve been attending fairs as well on campus – there’s loads of fairs on campus – and presently I’ve been trying to do a few graduate processes as well.

What would you say to someone considering studying your course?

For anyone considering studying at Loughborough I would say it’s a good one! Studying here is a good decision because Loughborough is well ranked in the UK generally and globally as well, and the opportunities that it gives to students - having a lot of employers come in and fairs opening you to the employer world - it’s a good opportunity and it’s pretty easy to settle down and you have different people from all around the world that you can mix with, which I think it’s a good one really.

How easy was it to settle in as an international student?

For me personally settling in in Loughborough was not hard. I’d been in the UK for a while prior to the start of the programme so I’m quite used to the environment. It was easy for me because Loughborough itself is a kind of a student town so it easy for me to relate with people and because of the social activities as well it made it much easier for me to settle in.

My department helped me a lot with settling down in Loughborough. With good help from my programme director I was able to settle down fully and in terms of problems I was able to have someone to talk to, and advise me on what I need to do and what I don’t need to do in order to really sustain myself in Loughborough.

What’s the social life like at Loughborough as a PG student?

The social life as a postgraduate student is big but I would say it depends on the individual that you are. There are many opportunities because it is a campus university. However, being a postgraduate student for me personally, I tend to be selective about which social activities I go for because I don’t have much time to be engaged in so much social activities. So there’s pretty much various opportunities for you to talk yourself around if you’re interested in social activities.

What do you enjoy most about being a LU student?

What I enjoy most about being a Loughborough University student is the satisfaction that I’m at a Top 10 UK University, the nature of my course which prepares me very well with the employability award and the opportunities that I have to choose in social activities as well.