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Jiyin Liu

Professor Jiyin Liu

Professor of Operations Management

Professor Liu is a Professor of Operations Management with expertise in the modelling and optimisation of operations planning problems in logistics and production systems.

His research focuses on problems that have both academic value and practical relevance. He has collaborated with companies within and outside the UK such as: Hong Kong International Terminals, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited, Jardine Logistics, JOS Technology Group, Philips Electronics, Baosteel and British Telecom. He was selected as a Chang Jiang Scholar by the Chinese Ministry of Education and appointed as visiting Chair Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Northeastern University.

Professor Liu was part of a collaborative research team from Loughborough University, Northeastern University (China), and the University of Maryland (USA) that devised and implemented a set of advanced operations planning tools to help Baosteel (China’s largest steel and iron company) transform its in-plant production and logistics operations. Baosteel saw significant improvements in its operations, production quality and energy consumption costs, resulting in increased in revenue, saving the company a massive $76million.