School of Business and Economics


Iain Coyne

Dr Iain Coyne

Programme Director, Work Psychology and Business Psychology MSc programmes, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

Iain is a Registered Occupational Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Iain’s current research focuses on two main areas:

  • Bullying at work: Iain has been examining bullying at work for over 15 years, and more recently has been researching how better interventions to reduce workplace bullying can be developed.
  • Workplace selection and assessment: Iain has had an interest in this area ever since his PhD on integrity testing. He works closely with a UK-based assessment organisation in researching the use of games-based assessment.

His work has included producing guidelines for internet testing, considering the role of industry in cyberbullying, development of scales and validation of scales, assessing the equivalence of a voluntary workplace behaviour scale across European countries and the impact of cyberbullying on well-being.

He enjoys teaching how work and business psychology research insights can help organisations achieve their potential by promoting a fair, motivating and engaging work environment.