School of Business and Economics


Huw Edwards

Dr Huw Edwards

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Director of Postgraduate Programmes (Economics)
Leader, Firms in the Global Economy Research Interest Group

Dr Edwards is a specialist in international economics, particularly the analysis of international trade, globalisation, regional integration and trade costs. His work spans theory and policy modelling.

In addition to his academic work, he has in the past decade examined major international integration agreements (between the EU and Ukraine and the EU and South Korea, both of which came into force). He is currently working with a colleague on a major ESRC-funded conference on International Trade Agreements After Brexit (London, December 2016), which, give its current topicality, will be attended by policymakers and journalists, as well as academics.

He is a member of the Firms in the Global Economy Research Interest Group in Loughborough, and is well-connected with trade economists in Belgium, Ireland, France, Germany and Turkey.

In the past, Dr Edwards has taught Microeconomics at Postgraduate level, and is playing an important role in setting up the new MSc programme on Economics and International Business.

Prior to his academic career, Huw worked in the Government Economic Service as an energy economist, and he retains a keen interest in energy and environmental issues, as well as the relationship between globalisation and economic inequality and global human rights issues.