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Elena Georgiadou

Dr Elena Georgiadou

Lecturer in International Management

Dr Georgiadou’s research interests lie at the intersection of International Business and International Negotiations. Her research focuses on family firm internationalisation and the use of commercial diplomacy as a governmental mechanism to facilitate and accelerate internationalisation.

Elena is involved in research focusing on Brexit Negotiations and Bargaining that has attracted a grant of £300,000 from the ESRC‘s Brexit Priority Funds. The project titled 28+ perspectives on Brexit: a guide to the multi-stakeholder negotiations aims to inform the Brexit negotiations in real time via up-to-date, research-informed knowledge about the EU Member States' Brexit positions and the Brussels/UK negotiating environments. In the context of this work Elena has developed a research agenda which looks at public attitudes and sentiment vis-á-vis a range of potential Brexit negotiation outcomes.

Links to a sample of work on negotiations:

Elena is a tactical reviewer in the Journal of International Relations and Diplomacy and the International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy.