School of Business and Economics


Ahmed Ahmed

Dr Ahmad Hassan Ahmad

Lecturer in Macroeconomics

Ahmad’s area of research expertise is in international economics, monetary systems of developing countries, foreign exchange rate and macroeconomic dynamics and open-economy issues. He primarily teaches macroeconomics at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

Ahmad’s current research interests are in:

  • Role of mobile money in improving financial access in developing countries
  • Effects of pound exchange rate changes on the UK imports from the south Asian countries
  • European monetary policy during and pre-financial crises
  • Importance financial sector to price indices in the UK and the US
  • Relationship between fiscal and current account deficits in developing countries

Ahmad has previously worked as a lecturer at the University of Bath. He has been Postgraduate Programmes Director (Economics) since August 2016. Ahmad supervises PhD students in monetary policies and institutions, central bank communications, financial stability and financial inclusion.