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Year in Enterprise 2016-17

Apache Fitness

Drew Dridge and Barney Galiffe, BSc Sports Technology Drew Dridge and Barney Galiffe, BSc Sports Technology

Apache Fitness is a start-up brand which specialises in high quality fitness apparel. We want to help you look and feel good when doing whatever training or sport you choose. It's not only important to us that you look and feel good, we also want it to be affordable to everyone.

"We chose to do the year in enterprise as we felt it was the perfect time to take the ‘risk’ of starting our own company, being able to learn and adapt first hand to the unknown is an incredible skill to have, and the feeling of working for yourself cannot be matched.

We’ve learned that nothing needs to be rushed, the best things will often take time, but when the time is right, you have to put everything into it.

The support from the placement course was brilliant, with everything you need to know being covered and any questions answered in no time. Guest speakers from a variety of companies helped us learn and pick up tips that worked for us. As well as this, they are constantly looking to improve and support us and our company!"

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Instagram: @ApacheFitnessUK       Twitter: @ApacheFitnessUK


Stacc Performance

Tom Regan, BSc Information Technology Management for Business Tom Regan, BSc Information Technology Management for Business

Stacc Performance intends to combine innovation, style and dedication within sport, in the pursuit of excelling athletic performance.

"Choosing to do a year in enterprise turned out to be a really great opportunity as it allowed me to experience the process of starting up and operating a business first-hand, whilst having the support and the relevant knowledge of our tutors on hand.

Working for myself during the enterprise year really allowed me to obtain a new set of practical skills from the working world that I could then go on and apply to my final year studies. This placement course provided the valuable experience of interacting with likeminded driven individuals and visits from guest speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries. The year has encouraged me to pursue my business venture whilst providing me with a vast amount of guidance to aid my personal development."

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Twitter: @staccltd       

Instagram: @staccltd


James Egleston, BSc Management Sciences James Egleston, BSc Management Sciences

Jegmar is a designer sportswear company specialising in performance tops and vests for running and other sports.

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Instagram: @jegmar       

Twitter: @OfficialJegmar