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Professor Paul Turner BA Economics (Warwick), BSc Mathematical Sciences (Open University), MA Economics(Warwick), PhD Economics(Warwick)

Photo of Professor Paul Turner

Professor of Applied Economics

Deputy Head, Economics discipline group

Macroeconomics; monetary economics; applied econometrics

Module Organiser

  • ECB003 : Introduction to Econometrics
  • ECC038 : Applied Econometrics
  • BSP420 : Methods of Financial Data Analysis

Research interests

Macroeconomics, monetary economics and applied econometrics.

Key Publications:

Turner, P. and Wood, J.A. (2014) ‘Teaching the Multiplier: the Value of a Quantitative Approach’, International Review of Economics Education.

Forest, JJ and Turner, P (2013) 'Alternative estimators of cointegrating parameters in models with nonstationary data: An application to US export demand’, Applied Economics, 45(5), pp.629-636

Turner, P (2013) 'Does the monetary policy committee still care about inflation? Some evidence from a small macroeconomic model', Applied Economics, 45(19), pp.2745-2750

Wimanda, R, Hall, MJB, Turner, PM (2011) 'Expectations and the Inertia of Inflation: The Case of Indonesia', Journal of Policy Modeling, 33, pp.426-438

Turner, P. and Pentecost, E. (2010) ‘Demand and Supply Shocks in the Caribbean Economies: Implications for Monetary Union’, World Economy, Vol. 33 (October), No. 10, pp. 1325-1337.