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Dr Keith Pond BSc, Bradford; MPhil, Loughborough; PhD, Loughborough; FCIB, SFHEA, CMBE

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Senior Teaching Fellow and Digital Learning Lead

Digital Learning, Accreditation, Banking, Insolvency

Keith is a leading Business teacher with a long track record of programme management as Programme Director of the Banking Finance & Management programme 1999 to 2007’ Director of Placements 2004-2010 and Associate Dean (Teaching) 2010 - 2017. A frequent presenter at national and international learning and teaching conferences and seminars Keith is an innovative teacher who is passionate about sharing his experience with peers.  Keith has wide experience in teaching undergraduate, post-experience and postgraduate students both in the UK and abroad, including Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Finland and Singapore.

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Keith has researched extensively into personal and corporate insolvency, as well as debt counselling, payments systems and SME lending by banks. Keith holds a PhD based on personal insolvency research. He maintains an intensely practical approach to his teaching and research work co-authoring papers on designing the Web_pa system and on the use of technology in the classroom.

Keith is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Certified Management and Business Educator.

As EFMD Global Online Course Certification (EOCCS) Director he established a global accreditation standard in online business teaching and leads the EFMD Online Community.  He is a member of the Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee of the Chartered Association of Business Schools and helped to establish the Certified Management and Business Educator scheme

Keith has published widely in the academic and professional press and is the author of a number of books and study guides on retail banking and bank lending. Keith has also designed and written distance learning materials for two professional institutes and had produced teaching case studies in written and video media.

In 2017 the 4th edition of “Retail Banking” by Keith Pond was published by Gosbrook Professional Publishing