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Professor John Cadogan BSc, MPhil, PhD

Photo of Professor John Cadogan

Professor of Marketing

Head of Marketing & Retailing

Honorary Professor and Docent, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

Editor-in-Chief, International Marketing Review

International marketing strategy; salesforce management and problem resolution; sales ethics; marketing research methods

Professor Cadogan has held faculty positions at Loughborough University since 2003.

Current position

Head of Marketing and Retailing Group (since 2017)


BSc Management Science (Wales) 1992
MPhil Sales Management (Wales) 1993
PhD International Marketing Strategy (Wales) 1997

Previous faculty positions at

Swansea University (UK)
University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Aston University (UK)

Previous / current visiting and honorary positions

LUT University (Finland)
University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
East China Normal University (China)
Aston University (UK)
University of Brighton (UK)
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Keio University (Japan)

Major editorial roles

Editor-in-Chief of the International Marketing Review (since 2014).

Areas of research interest

(International) marketing strategy
Cross-national and cross-cultural consumer psychology
Sales and sales management
Measurement issues and psychometrics
Product innovation
Entrepreneurial orientation

Doctoral Supervision

Professor Cadogan is always keen to locate exceptional candidates who wish to pursue research that aligns with his interests. Contact him directly (, with your CV and a preliminary research proposal, to open a discussion regarding possible supervision.

Previous PhD candidates (list complete until October 2021):

Nick Lee (2003): “Sales Manager Problem Resolution Styles: Measure Development and an Examination of Their Salesperson-Related Consequences”.

Abdul Talib Asmat Nizam (2005): “Differences in Market-Oriented Behaviour Levels Across Firms’ Domestic and Export Marketing Operations: A Study of Antecedents and Consequences”.

Tiffany Kit Peng Lam (2007): “Antecedents and Consequences of Market Orientation: An Examination in the JV’s Relational Context”.

Gareth Smith (2009): “Political Marketing: Segmentation, Brand and Competitive Strategies in the UK”.

Kemefasue Ifie (2010): “An Investigation of the Antecedents of Service Delivery and Organisational Performance: A Service Culture Perspective”.

Nathaniel Boso (2011): “Export Entrepreneurial-Oriented Behaviour and Export Performance”.

Mark J. French (2011): “The Nature of the Relationship Between Market Orientation and Performance”.

Selma Kadić Maglajlić (2013): “The Role of Moral Judgment and Emotional Intelligence in Salesperson Behavior and Performance”. (PhD Committee member).

Milena Micevski (2014): “Marketing and Sales Interface Flexibility: A Social Exchange Theory Perspective”.

João Oliveira (2015): “Export Marketing Adaptation and Export Performance”.

Hitesh Kalro (2016): “The Impact of Ambidextrous Market Learning on Product Advantage and Product Performance in High-Tech Firms”.

Roumpini Tsakona (2018): “Corporate Philanthropy and Brand Morality Perceptions”.

Nahid Yazdani (2018): “Export Mode Portfolio: Transaction Cost Economics and Real Options Perspectives”.

James Crick (2018): “The Antecedents and Consequences of a Customer Value-Oriented Dominant Logic: A Dynamic Managerial Capabilities Perspective”.

Lenia Tsougkou (2019): “A Multi-Faceted Approach to the Effect of Export Product Adaptation on Customer Value Creation”.

Dayle Childs (2019): “A Within-Person Analysis of Sales Self-Efficacy: Antecedents and Consequences of Self-Efficacy Change”.

Pijak Pakhunwanich (2020): “Dynamic Product Proliferation and Firm Performance”.

Engagement with industry / financial support

Financial support or support in kind: approximately £550,555, including from:
British Academy / Association of Commonwealth Universities
Toyota Marketing Europe
Overseas Trade Services Department of the Welsh Office
Confederation of British Industry (CBI),
West Wales Exporters' Association
West Glamorgan County Council
West Wales Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Swansea Centre for Trade and Industry
Konica (Office Products)
Blue Star Office Products
Dick Smith Electronics
Qantas Airways Ltd.
Saatchi and Saatchi
Malaysian Ministry of Education,
Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)

Consultancy and training:
Wrekin Construction, Carillion, Reuters, Computeraid Ltd., Severn Trent Water, DVLA.

Recent Research Grants

BA International Partnership & Mobility Scheme 2015 “International Marketing Performance Implications of Firms’ Global Product Marketing Strategies”.

Editorial roles


International Marketing Review (since 2014).

Consulting Editor

EuroMed Journal of Business.

Editorial Review Board

Industrial Marketing Management
International Journal of Advertising
Journal of Global Fashion Marketing
Journal of Global Sports Management.

Special Issue Editor

International Marketing Review 2019.

Service to academies, recognition and beyond

European Marketing Academy (EMAC):

Track Co-Chair at the EMAC Annual Conference – every year since 2010
EMAC Executive Committee - National Coordinator UK (2015-2018)

UK Academy of Marketing:

2018 Conference Workshop Co-Chair

The Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations (GAMMA):

Co-Chair GAMMA Doctoral Colloquium 2017-2021
Conference Track Chair 2019 & 2021

Recent keynotes addresses:

International Symposium on Global Branding Strategy – Shanghai, China 2018
International Symposium on Global Branding Strategy – Shanghai, China 2019
Global Fashion Management Conference – Paris, France 2019


-The Aston Research Camp – Panel Member (2014, 2016 & 2021)

- Distinguished Lecture Series, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 2015.

- Outstanding Reviewer, Journal of Business Research 2015.

Recent awards:


- Outstanding Paper Award – European Journal of Marketing 2017.

- Journal of International Marketing – Finalist, Hans B. Thorelli Award 2019.

- Best Paper AMA Winter Conference: Sales Management and Personal Selling Track 2020.

- James M. Comer Award Best Contribution to Selling and Sales Management Theory: Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 2020 Honorable Mention.

Story, Vicky M., Nathaniel Boso and John W. Cadogan (2015), "The Form of Relationship between Firm-level Product Innovativeness and New Product Performance in Developed and Emerging Markets," Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp 45-64.

Lee, Nick and John W. Cadogan (2016), “Welcome to the Desert of the Real: Reality, Realism, Measurement, and C-OAR-SE”, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 50, No. 11, pp. 1959-1568.

Gnizy, Itzhak, John W. Cadogan, João S. Oliveira and Asmat Nizam (2017), “The Empirical Link between Export Dispersion and Export Performance: A Contingency-based Approach”, International Business Review, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 239-249.

Schons, Laura Marie, John W. Cadogan and Roumpini Tsakona (2017), “Donate at Home or Abroad? An Empirical Investigation of Consumer Responses to Brands' Varying Geographic Allocations of Donation Budgets”, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 144, No. 3, pp. 559-576.

Micevski, Milena, Belinda Dewsnap, John W. Cadogan and Selma Kadic-Maglajlic   (2020), “Flexibility in Marketing & Sales Interfacing Processes”, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 91, November , pp. 285-300.

Walheiser, Dennis, Christian Schwens, Philip J. Steinberg and John W. Cadogan (2021), “Greasing the Wheels or Blocking the Path? Organizational Structure, Product Innovativeness, and New Product Success”, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 126, March, pp. 489-503.


Conditional acceptances

Cadogan, John W. and Nick Lee, “A Miracle of Measurement or Accidental Constructivism? How PLS Subverts the Realist Search for Truth”, European Journal of Marketing.

Cadogan, John W. and Nick Lee, “Scientific Realism, the Necessity of Causal Contact in Measurement, and Emergent Variables”, European Journal of Marketing.


Previous publications in numerous outlets, including...

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Journal of Business Venturing
Journal of International Business Studies
Journal of Product Innovation Management
British Journal of Management
International Journal of Research in Marketing
Journal of Business Ethics
Journal of Business Research
Journal of International Marketing
Industrial Marketing Management
International Marketing Review
International Business Review
European Journal of Marketing, among others.