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Ian Herbert PhD, FCMA, CGMA, MBA, FHEA

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Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Financial Management

Director of Singapore Programmes

Shared services centres; evolving role of the finance function

Ian Herbert gained extensive experience in accounting and general management roles in industry before moving to higher education in 1990. He teaches accounting and financial management on under-graduate and post-graduate courses.

Ian joined Loughborough University in 2001, after holding a wide range of accounting and general management roles in both the private and public sectors. His extensive commercial experience now informs his teaching, research and consultancy.

His chief research interest is the transformation of the professional functions such as finance, HR, procurement and IT through new organisational forms such as the shared service centre model. A related issue being how performance is measurement and managed in process-based environments. Ian is a regular contributor to international conferences and has published over 80 academic and practitioner articles.

His main research interests are the evolving role of the finance function and the impact of shared services on the design of the multi-divisional company and the implications for professional workers. 

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Ian is Chair of the examination panel for CIMA’s Strategic Level Case Study. He is a member of the Institute of Teaching and Learning and a past President of the CIMA's Nottingham, Derby and District Branch

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