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Professor Jan Wieseke

Photo of Professor Jan Wieseke

Visiting Professor of Marketing

Prof. Dr. Jan Wieseke has held a Chair at the Marketing Department at the Ruhr-University of Bochum since 2008. He is a specialist for sales management and psychological processes within organizations.

Prof. Dr. Wieseke is one of the internationally leading marketing researchers within his discipline. His work has been published in the world’s most renowned marketing journals, such as the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research. He also received offers of professorship for the leading marketing faculties in Germany (Mannheim, Münster) as well as international offers (Leicestershire, UK, Groningen, Netherlands). 

During his research projects, Professor Wieseke has consulted major German and international corporations on their marketing strategies, such as Daimler, VW, Tui, Lufthansa, airberlin, Ikea, and many more. He is also an entrepreneur, recently co-founding Zuiano Coffee GmbH, a producer and vendor of coffee capsules for coffee machines.

Key Publications

Ahearne, Michael, Till Haumann, Florian Kraus, and Jan Wieseke (2013), “It’s a matter of congruence: How interpersonal identification between sales managers and salespersons shapes sales success,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming.

Kraus, Florian, Michael Ahearne, Son K. Lam, and Jan Wieseke (2012), “Toward a contingency framework of interpersonal influence in organizational identification diffusion,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 118 (2): 162-178.

Wieseke, Jan, Anja Geigenmüller, and Florian Kraus (2012), “On the Role of Empathy in Employee–Customer Interactions,” Journal of Service Research, 15 (3): 316-331.

Kraus, Florian, Thomas Rajab, and Jan Wieseke (2012), “Should Firms Encourage Salespeople to Promote House Brands in Customer Interaction? An Empirical Investigation of Financial Outcomes and Customer Response,” Schmalenbach Business Review, 64 (4): 331-363.

Luo, Xueming, Jan Wieseke, and Christian Homburg (2012), “Incentivizing CEOs to Build Customer-Firm and Employee-Firm Relations for Higher Customer Satisfaction and Firm Value,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (6): 745-758