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In this section you can see profiles for the honorary members of staff.

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Professor Peter Ackers

Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing, Griffith University, Brisbane

Professor John Beckford

Partner, Beckford Consulting

Russel Bee

Visiting Fellow in Information Management

Andrew Burgess

Visiting Senior Fellow in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Malcolm Chisholm

Visiting Fellow

Gary Cook

Visiting Fellow

Dr Eric Davies

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow

Professor Robert M. Davison

Professor in Information Systems

Professor Bo Edvardsson

Professor of Business Administration

Professor Weichang Fan (Academician)

Professor, Dean of the Institute of Public Safety Research in Tsinghua University

Professor David Fielding

Professor of Economics

Dr Sebastien Fosse

Visiting Fellow in Information Management

Professor Robert Galliers

Visiting Professor of Information Systems

Johannes Gerd Jaspersen

Visiting Fellow in Decision Sciences

Professor Arthur Hanna

Visiting Professor of Energy Economics

Professor Raimo Hämäläinen

Visiting Professor in Decision Sciences

Peter Langmead Jones

Visiting Fellow in Information Management and Performance

Professor Nick Lee

Professor of Marketing

Juuso Ilari Liesio

Visiting Fellow in Decision Sciences

Professor Ian Lings

Head of School; Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, QUT, Australia

Steve Lockwood

Visiting Professor of AI and Information Management

Mark Palmer

Managing Director

Amanda Peticca-Harris

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Professor Zoe Radnor

Visiting Professor

James Robbins

Visiting Fellow

Professor Andy Ross

Visiting Professor (Loughborough)

Dr Sanjoy Sen

Visiting Senior Fellow in Strategy and Governance

Ravi Shankar

Visiting Professor in Decision Sciences

Geoff Smith

Visiting Fellow

Inese Smith

Visiting Fellow

Professor Detlof von Winterfeldt

Visiting Professor of Decision Sciences

Graham Walton

Honorary Research Fellow

Professor Jan Wieseke

Visiting Professor of Marketing

Visiting Professor Mark Wohar

Visiting Professor of International Finance

Professor Ian Wooton

Professor of Economics