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John Wilson BSc (Glasgow), MSc, DPhil (Sussex)

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Emeritus Professor of Operational Research

Retired from Loughborough University as Professor of Operational Research in 2009, after 36 years of service at Loughborough.

Appointed Emeritus Professor, Loughborough University October 2009.

Author of 100+ refereed papers on operational research topics in such journals as:  Annals of Operations Research, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Computers & Operations Research, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Heuristics, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Naval Research Logistics, OMEGA.

Since retirement he has maintained links with the University working with several colleagues on publications. 

Joint-Editor (with Prof Terry Williams) of the Journal of the Operational Research Society 2002-2011.

Appointed Honorary Professor, Aberystwyth University 2010-2015.

External examiner -  PhD thesis, London School of Economics, 2010 and Undergraduate and MSc examinations in management science/operational research, School of Computer Science, University of Leeds, 2007-2011.

T Kellegöz , B Toklu, and J Wilson (2010). Elite guided steady-state genetic algorithm for minimizing total tardiness in flowshops.   Computers & Industrial Engineering 58: 300–306. doi: 10.1016/j.cie.2009.11.001

D Champion and J M Wilson (2010).  The impact of contingency factors on validation of problem structuring methods.  Journal of the Operational Research Society 61: 1420-1431. doi:10.1057/jors.2009.94

K Katsaliaki, N Mustafee, Y K Dwivedi, T Williams and J M Wilson (2010).  A profile of OR research and practice published in the Journal of the Operational Research Society.  Journal of the Operational Research Society 61: 82–94. doi:10.1057/jors.2009.137

G Papaioannou and  J M Wilson (2010).  The evolution of cell formation methodologies based on recent studies (1997-2008): review and directions for future research.  European Journal of Operational Research 206: 509-521.