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Leela Damodaran FAcSS, MIoD, MBCS

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Emeritus Professor of Digital Inclusion and Participation

Leela Damodaran, FAcSS, MIoD, is Professor Emerita of Digital Inclusion and Participation. She specialises in the behavioural aspects and human use of information and communications technologies (ICTs), planning of change and transition, strategies for social and digital inclusion, citizen engagement and participation.

She has worked on and led a wide range of programmes and projects variously in research, consulting, or advisory roles. This has included the RCUK New Dynamics of Ageing Programme ‘Sus-IT’ project (to develop understanding of the use of digital technologies by older people and solutions to promote their digital participation) and the EPSRC funded KT-Equal consortium (established specifically to exploit a decade of investment in ageing and disability research.)

As well as engaging in academic research, Leela has collaborated with government departments, local government, ‘blue-chip’ companies, and other key stakeholder groups to inform policy, strategy and design decisions relating to design of ICT products, systems and services and to digitalisation. She was a member of the Ofcom Strategic Advisory Board (OSAB), a member of the Digital Inclusion Stakeholder Group of the Government Digital Strategy team and of the DWP-led Age Action Alliance Digital Inclusion Group. She is currently working in the following roles:

  • Member of the NHS ‘Digital Health Inequalities Steering Group’
  • Founder member of the British Computer Society 'Closing the Digital Divide’ Specialist Group (which has the goal of closing the Divide by 2030)
  • Member of the Leicestershire Equalities Challenge Group (LECG)
  • Member and friend of Long Eaton 50 + Sus-IT computer group 
  • Member of the Ashbourne Pavilion Community Initiative
  • The-barriers-to-digital-participation.pdf ( (2021) 
  • Switching the focus from training to support - 2021.docx  (2021)
  • Socitm Policy Briefing - Digital by choice: Bridging the digital divide - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (December 2018)
  • Self-care and longevity through sustainable community-based technologies (Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Longevity Bulletin Issue 11 September 2018)
  • How can slower adaptors to changes in technology be equipped to develop and maintain digital skills for (a) the increasing proliferation of online services; and (b) the future workplace? (commissioned by Foresight, Government Office for Science 2017). 
  • How are attitudes and behaviours to the ageing process changing in light of new media and new technology? How might these continue to evolve by 2025 and 2040? (commissioned by Foresight, Government Office for Science 2015). 
  • Digital Inclusion - The Vision, the Challenges and the Way Forward (published in International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology 2015).